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sweet desire has its hold on me
Time goes by and you are far away.
then we shall embrace and say goodby
You will never be lovelier than you are
f there is something I regret, it is the time I have not been able to give to you
I console myself with the life-givin
Sappho 2: "Don't you remember…we, to
Strange goddess, why so eager to work th
How petty and miserable are the raptures of ordinary lovers
I love no one but you, I shall never love anyone but you
I said little. I listened and daydreamed.
Then did I learn how existence should be cherished
Song of Songs 8.2a: "I would lead th
We will never be here again
'Tis not thy love I fear to lose
“I said to Love, ‘It is not now as in old days…’”
What I aspired to be, and was not, comforts me
Everything is more beautiful because we
Let him submit to me
Gathasaptasati 2.33: "She shut her e
I desired my dust to be mingled with
Any moment might be our last
Song of Songs 8-3
Gathasaptasati 3.8: "Even by noon of the very first day, she'd etched the walls with lines, counting
How lonely all the years will run Until I rest by thee
too soon comes Death to show we love more deeply than we know
nothing compares with the love I feel fo
On my belly as you enter me I think
Her thoughts were like storms
In a moment you will have vanished as if you had never existed
Gathasaptasati 1.73
Only your return will bring me relief
I wish I could remember that first day
Gathasaptasati 2.32

Australian artist Michelle Henry explores themes of love, lust and longing as intrinsic to the human condition, often painting the flower as a sexual metaphor. Her images are paired with carefully chosen texts selected from a range of literary sources which enhance her themes and invite contemplation. To see more, go to the Artworks tab and select a series. Click on the images to enlarge and to read the titles.

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