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You radiate joy like the sun_Iceberg Rose
How could I bear a crown of gold_
You embrace scars with dignity_Magnolia
You realise desire never remains constant_Orchid
Wisdom comes with every winkle, grace with every age
Your thoughtful heart does not go un-noticed by my eyes_Cream Rose
It's only right that she live in abundance
The blood of innocence has left no stain
I summon up the remembrance of things past
Down in the flood of remembrance, I weep
Let her finish her dance
My friend, you are admired and in my heart_Dianthus
You trust in love even when you can't feel it_Petunias
your knees weakened and all you could say was Yes
then we shall embrace and say goodby
Better by far you should forget and smile
reach up higher now and yes
You will never be lovelier than you are
The Lingam and the Yoni Are walking hand
So rich your nurturing, a flood of creation_Chrysanthemum
Any moment might be our last
The blood-sponge god dilates
How petty and miserable are the raptures of ordinary lovers
Fragrance was her forte and she wore it well
Time is Too slow for those who wait
Song of Songs 8.2a: "I would lead th
we should be kind While there is still t
We will never be here again
'Tis not thy love I fear to lose
“I said to Love, ‘It is not now as in old days…’”
Everything is more beautiful because we
Let him submit to me
Gathasaptasati 2.33: "She shut her e
Song of Songs 8-3
I console myself with the life-givin
sweet desire has its hold on me
Gathasaptasati 3.8: "Even by noon of the very first day, she'd etched the walls with lines, counting
Out of lemon flowers loosed on the moonlight,
too soon comes Death to show we love more deeply than we know
On my belly as you enter me I think
Gathasaptasati 1.73
love's lashed and insatiable essences
A dawn whereto I grope In trembling fait
Gathasaptasati 2.32
You the dancer and I the dreamer
Turn your cheeks to me so that I may kiss them

Australian artist Michelle Henry explores themes of love, lust and longing as intrinsic to the human condition, often painting the flower as a metaphor. Her images are paired with carefully chosen texts selected from a range of literary sources which enhance her themes and invite contemplation. To see more, go to the Artworks tab and select a series. Click on the images to enlarge and to read the titles.

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